Can I live and work in Mauritius ?

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Can I live and work in Mauritius ?

Yes, you can by obtaining a long-stay visa, resident permit, and/or occupation permit (as an investor, self-employed or professional)

Contact us, we Lemuel can assist you with the application process for an occupation and residence permit and help you and your family to relocate to Mauritius.

For foreigners wanting to acquire a home, the Mauritius Government designed 3 schemes under which non-citizens can acquire property in Mauritius, namely a Smart Citiy, IRS, RES, PDS scheme, or an apartment in a residential building of at least ground floor +2.

Speak to us, we can help you to source the right property. Should you be considering developing your own property project, we can help you to establish the right property structure to hold your investment and source co-investors and partners for your development.

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