Mauritius Ranked Africa’s Most Peaceful Country


Mauritius has been ranked in the top 20 of the world’s most peaceful countries in the 2018 Global Peace Index (GPI) out of 163 countries.

The report compares 163 independent states and territories (99.7 per cent of the world’s population) on their level of peacefulness. It uses 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators from highly respected sources and measures the state of peace using three thematic domains: the level of Societal Safety and Security; the extent of Ongoing Domestic and International Conflict; and the degree of Militarisation.

African countries that marked the best improvement in ranks at a global level include Gambia which topped the list moving up the rankings from 111th in 2017 to 76th in 2018 (+35 places), followed by Liberia which moved to 63rd place (+27 places). Botswana came second and ranked (29) globally. Sierra Leone was ranked (35), Madagascar (38), Ghana (41), Namibia (43), Malawi (44), and Zambia (48) respectively on the Global Index.

At the global level, Iceland tops the list for the 10th consecutive year, followed by New Zealand, Austria, Portugal and Denmark. The report notes that compared to last year, 71 countries are more peaceful, 92 countries are less peaceful, and that the overall trend is an average deterioration of 0.27 per cent.

The full 2018 Global Peace Index Report can be accessed here.