Record level of FDI for the first semester of 2017


Latest figures published by the Bank of Mauritius show that FDI inflows into Mauritius are estimated at MUR 9,724 billion for the first semester of 2017, compared with MUR 7,960 billion for the corresponding period in 2016, representing an increase of 22.2%.

The major portion of FDI, that is 54% (MUR 5.4 billion), went to the real estate and construction sectors, while the financial services attracted 32.1% (MUR 3.1 billion) with significant acquisitions in the industry. Construction (MUR 507 million), Education (MUR 163 million) and Manufacturing (MUR 101 million) are three sectors which attracted important flows of capital Around 33.5% investment inflows originated from Luxembourg (MUR 3.3 billion), while those from France and South Africa amounted to MUR 2.5 billion and MUR 1.1 billion, respectively.
The Bank of Mauritius has also published FDI figures in relation to the fiscal year. For Financial Year 2016/17, inflows amounted to MUR 15.4 billion, increasing from the MUR 12.9 billion recorded in 2015/16. Real estate activities were the main recipients of investments during the period 2016-2017, followed by financial services and construction.

Source: Bank of Mauritius